Where Are You Buying Your NFTs?

Have you checked out the NFTs on Cardano yet?

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Where To Buy Great NFTs

With Solana constantly going down and Ethereums gas fee problem still not 100% fixed since their transfer to POS it seems Cardano could be the next big thing in NFTs, or should I say CNFTs.

If you’re lucky the money you can make with NFT purchases/trades is phenomenal. With legends such as the Bored Ape Yacht Club initially minting for only 0.1 ETH and now worth a staggering 69 ETH floor price ($87,837 at time of writing).

Can Cardano NFTs push for that kind of market value?

Cardano NFT Prices & Collections

Cardano may be one of the only places you can buy a pixel photo of a rock for 420 ADA ($126). However a lot of the collections are going for much more and have real utility in them.

For example The Ape Society has a floor price of 10k ADA ($3k), staking, their own token $society as well as VR cabins where you can hang your NFTs.

Pretty cool!

Of course not all are as well done as The Ape Society, but there are many that have just as much potential.
You just need to be lucky/clever enough to spot them.

Where To Buy NFTs | Where Can I Buy NFTs

I would recommend JPG Store. It’s a great way to buy NFTs using your Cardano wallet or your own actual wallet! (they’ve implemented purchases with credit cards now) although you’ll still need a wallet for the NFT to go to.

I personally use Nami as a Cardano wallet as it’s easy to use. The only downside is there is currently no App for it, so you need to use it on your computer.

where to buy great nfts

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