Struggling To Find Purpose Or Direction

How to find purpose and how to get motivated

Are you struggling to find purpose or direction?

If you’re like me and struggle sometimes to find a direction to go in life, or maybe a purpose or goal to aim for then read on.

If you haven’t seen it already there is a documentary on Netflix called Stutz which is directed by Jonah Hill (the kid from Superbad among other things).

The documentary is Hill essentially interviewing his therapist, a man called Phil Stutz, a therapist who has been speaking with Hill for the last 5 years.

Within the documentary they discuss a way to improve your life and motivate yourself when you find yourself stuck in a rut, or directionless.

I’m going to go through that with you below.

Struggling To Find Purpose Or Direction

How To Get Out Of A Rut

Here is my interpretation of the triangle he described and this is my way of looking at it.

Whenever you hit a wall, you feel a bit lost or you don’t feel like you’ve got a purpose and you don’t really know where to turn or what to do next the best thing you can do is focus on the 3 things above.

Health & Wellness

Going to the gym isn’t just about “getting ripped” and eating healthier isn’t just about losing weight. There are so many benefits to being healthy, exercising and eating well that aren’t just for the purpose of taking great selfies.

What’s great is you don’t even need to kill yourself training 7 days a week for hours on end to feel the benefits. Just 30 minutes exercise a day can give you enough endorphins to help improve your state of mind and get you feeling happy again.

Eating a well balanced meal can help because it will allow you to exercise. Everyone, myself included, has had good intentions to go to the gym or go out for a run, then had a big meal full of crap they didn’t need and it’s made them feel rubbish, full, bloated and tired. Food is meant to be fuel, it’s not meant to make us lazy.

how to find purpose

Social Life

Human beings are social creatures. We’ve originated from tribes who lived in close proximity to each other and have evolved over hundreds of thousands of years to rely on each other.

Nowadays we’re not so social. Which is crazy, considering the technology we have available to us to be able to give us the social life we need.

Myself included.

Having a good group of friends (big or small) is essential for feeling like you have a purpose. They can provide you with support when you need it and celebrate good things with you when they happen.

Having a healthy social life and being active within that circle or group can be a great way to reinvigorate your focus and sense of purpose.

how to find motivation


You have to love yourself. Or at least like yourself.

By following the steps above you should realise now that you’re doing all this for you.

For those of you who’ve ever done a first aid course you’ll know that the most important person in any first aid situation is YOU, because if you are in danger, injured or impaired you can’t help anyone else.

So, in order to find purpose, motivation or get out of a rut of depression you need to focus on YOU.

How can this all help?

If you’ve hit a wall, whether it’s in your job, your next project, maybe even a relationship you can often feel like you’ve got nowhere to go. You become unmotivated due to the direction you’re going in, you get depressed because you don’t have a purpose in life.

By focusing on these 3 things above you will stand a better chance of finding that thing that drives you.

Who knows.

You could find the love of your life whilst socialising with friends you haven’t seen in a while. You might find a passion you never knew you had whilst focusing on YOU. You could cross paths with your next employer whilst at the gym or at a sports club you join.

The possibilities are endless, but they all start with these 3 key things. BODY, SOCIAL, YOU.

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