Stoicism In One Sentence

Stoicism In One Sentence

To be Stoic is to live in reality, understand that life can be tough, bad things can happen but finding peace in accepting fate and understanding that you have the strength to keep going.

Stoicism In A Nutshell

First and foremost I will say this; being Stoic isn’t to be perfect. There will be times that things get the better of you, the important thing to remember is to keep trying and remember what being Stoic is all about. It is attainable, but like everything you need to learn and with learning comes mistakes.

Look at each obstacle as a way to grow, not something that is going to hold you back.

We must try and live purposefully and remember the four pillars of Stoicism.

Wisdom. Courage. Justice. Temperance.

Keep practising your Memento Mori and don’t forget Amor Fati.