Meebz Coffee Roasters

For those of you who LOVE good coffee I cannot recommend Meebz more highly.

If you don’t like coffee then don’t read this. Seriously, what are you still doing on this page?

Meebz Coffee Roasters

Meebz are based in Auckland, they have 2 stores, 1 in Milford on the North Shore (my one) and another in Auckland City.

They’re a small team who are passionate, experienced and enthusiastic about the NZ hospitality industry.  They love coffee and their passion is to ensure their customers find their favourite taste whether you are enjoying one from their own espresso bar, or from one of their hand selected cafĂ© partners.

*Literally taken from their website except I changed “our” to “their”. Thanks for the free copy Meebz!

At any one time they usually have over 20 different types of coffee, my favourite at the moment is Monsoon Malabar.

Meebz Coffee Roasters in Milford