Crypto Gems #2 | Turning $100 into $1000+

This 10x is a pretty safe bet.

An Easy 10x, Or More

This investment is probably one of my easiest, most confident 10x that I can, hand on heart, say that if everything goes well in the lead up to the next bull run can happen way before the next peak.

Once again, this is not financial advice, I’m not a financial or Crypto advisor. This is just me and my personal recommendations.


The main token on the Cardano blockchain, ADA has its believers and non-believers.

I’m a believer in Cardano, I have been since 2020 and have seen the work that the developers have put in over the last 2 years.

We really are seeing an Ethereum killer in the making.

Currently ADA is sat at $0.311 with an all time hight of $3.09 on 2nd September 2021.

Why A Sure Thing?

For the last 2 years Cardano have been building a huge ecosystem, with smart contracts, faster nodes and reduced gas fees.

The NFT ecosystem within Cardano has grown massively.

On top of all this in Jan 2023 there will be two stable coins releasing on the Cardano blockchain. $USDA which is fiat backed and pegged to the US dollar and Djed ($DJED), which is built by Coti ($COTI) which is a crypto backed algorithmic stable coin pegged at the US dollar.

The difference is DJED.

DJED will be backed by ADA, so the more DJED in circulation the less ADA, which will create buying pressure and should increase the price of ADA the more DJED is used by other DAPPS.