Crypto Gems #1 | Turning $100 into $13,000

Disclaimer: This is NOT a paid ad. There are no paid ads in this newsletter. This is factual information and an investment I have made. Will I benefit if what I mention below happens, yes, this is an investment I have made and I believe it can benefit others as well.

How Am I Going To Turn $100 into $13k

First and foremost, this is not financial advice, blah, blah, blah …. don’t sue me if you lose money or don’t make as much as what I’ve mentioned above.

Next, this Crypto Gem series is going to look at coins/tokens that did well in the last bull run and have dropped to really low points of entry in this current bear market.

I’m going to be looking at easy 10x, 20x, 50x & 100x + buys that you don’t need to invest a lot into to make a good return.

The first token we’re going to look at is Enjinstarter.

Who Are Enjinstarter?

Enjinstarter are on the Ethereum blockchain, but you can buy wrapped Enjinstarter or WEJS on the Binance blockchain.

According to Coin Market Cap;

“Enjinstarter is a launchpad for blockchain based games and metaverse related projects. Centered around the Enjin ecosystem, the launchpad is built on Enjin’s JumpNet and targets Efinity in its roadmap. Enjinstarter’s declared goal is to enable creators and game developers to run capital-raising campaigns and build communities with the help of blockchain technology. The launchpad also facilitates other ways of raising capital, such as selling virtual items as NFTs. All GameFi projects incubated by Enjinstarter receive end-to-end support, including assistance with sustainable strategy development and campaign launch promotion.”

Enjinstarter partnered with Enjin for those that have heard of it. Their sole purpose is to help blockchain based games. This is potentially the future of crypto and Web3.

Lets Talk Money

As of today, right now, Enjinstarters price is $0.001619, so an investment of $100 would get you approx. 61,766 tokens minus gas fees for whatever DEX or CEX you’re using.

If Enjinstarter were to get back to it’s previous all time high which was $0.213 on 1st December 2021 that $100 investment would be worth $13,156. That’s not even allowing for it to reach new all time highs, which considering the way gaming crypto is going and the natural run of a bull market every 4 years, it could well be worth more. However I’m not going to make predictions on what it could be worth, I’m using previous ATHs as a base for my possible ROIs.

Enjinstarter price as of 10th December 2022

Where Can You Buy Enjinstarter (EJS)

Currently it’s not available on CEXs, but you can get it on DEXs using your hot wallet.



Make sure to get the right contract address using the link on Coin Market Cap

You can also stake your EJS if you want to hold it long term on their website using this link here.


It goes without saying that crypto is volatile. It is a risk and I’m not a financial advisor. Do some research if you’re looking to invest, don’t just take mine or some other idiots advice or recommendations. These Crypto Gem series are investments I’m making, that I believe could benefit my readers. They’re not all going to come to fruition but that’s just crypto for you.