30 Days of Steak and Eggs and How It Can Benefit Your Health

30 Days of Steak and Eggs and How It Can Benefit Your Health

If you’ve never heard of the Steak and Eggs diet here it is in a very brief description.

You’re meant to eat approx 900 grams of steak and 6 eggs a day, 6 1/2 days a week and have a “cheat meal” that can consist of some carbohydrates. The idea behind it came about by legendary body builder Vince Gironda, it is designed to put your body into Ketosis which is a metabolic state your body can be put in that burns fat instead of glucose or carbs. It’s also designed so that you only eat 2 meals a day, ideally lunch and dinner which puts you into an intermittent fasting state as well.

My next 30 days looks like this;

Monday – Saturday

Lunch – 2 steaks (rare) and scrambled eggs using 3 eggs and butter.

Dinner – 2 steaks (rare) and fried eggs.


Lunch – 2 steaks and scrambled eggs using 3 eggs and butter.

Dinner – Chicken and pasta or spaghetti bolognese or carbonara (if I feel I need carbs).

On top of all this I’m also going to incorporate chia seeds into the mix somehow as they’re great for fibre and Omega-3, as well as drinking a daily dose of Nuzest Good Green Vitality.

30 Days of Steak and Eggs Diet

I first heard about this diet after listening to a podcast with Jordan Peterson, no he’s not a nutritionist, he’s a psychologist, but the sound of steak every day intrigued me. After doing a bit of research I figured I would try it out.

Firstly, the steak and egg diet is not a sustainable diet, it’s designed as a fat burning method that “restarts” your metabolism. For particular health reasons that he doesn’t go into Jordan Peterson does follow this diet everyday. I however will be aiming for 30 days, however I will be happy if I manage more than 2 weeks.

30 days of steak and eggs
Photo by Edson SaldaƱa on Unsplash

Whilst doing this I’ll also be incorporating my 30 Days of Yoga challenge to get the best results.

Day 1 of Steak and Eggs Diet | 104kg

So I weighed myself for the first time and it turns out I’m 104kg!! I think that’s the heaviest I’ve been, ever.

I was looking forward to starting this as I am a huge fan of steak, 30 days of it however is a bit daunting. I’m worried that I may put myself off it, maybe.

Day 1 lunch was 450 grams of eye fillet steak and 3 fried eggs. I honestly struggled to eat this, it was very filling. Dinner was 450 grams of eye fillet and scrambled eggs, I got halfway through this and didn’t want to finish. Not because it wasn’t good, I was just too full from lunch and this meal on top. Am I eating too much? from my research these amounts were what I was recommended but I feel I may have to tweak the amounts.

steak and egg diet
Steak and Egg Diet

Day 3 of Steak and Eggs Diet | 102.7kg

I was surprised by how much weight I’d lost so quickly as I knew my body wouldn’t have reached ketosis just yet. This usually happens between days 4-7. I’m guessing its the last of carbs and sugar.

I am however getting a bit sick of eggs. I’ve been eating 6 a day, 3 with lunch and 3 with dinner. So for lunch I had 400 grams of steak and a 3 egg omelette. For dinner though I sacrificed the eggs and just had 400 grams of steak with some mayonnaise (which has egg in but probably some bad stuff too).

30 days of steak and egg diet
400 grams of steak & mayonnaise

Day 7 of Steak and Eggs Diet | 101.1kg

Starting to notice a difference now with not only the weight loss but also increased energy levels. I’m only having 3 eggs a day and have reduced my steak intake to around 700-800 grams a day as I felt like I was eating too much.

However, I did have my cheat meal today and as it was a late lunch I didn’t have any dinner, I ended up having a rice bowl from Katsubi at around 2pm and this genuinely got me through until 4pm the following day which is saying a lot as before I could have eaten this at lunch, then had dinner and still eaten the next day.

I’m not missing sugar also which is strange. Usually I’d be craving something sweet such as chocolate in the evenings.

Day 10 of Steak and Eggs Diet | 100.9kg

3kg down in 10 days, I’m not sure if that’s good or bad. My target goal after 30 days was a very optimistic 20kg, not sure I’m going to hit that but then it was a far fetched goal. I’ve worked out that my ideal weight for my heigh it around 84-86kg though, hence the goal.

30 Days of Steak and Eggs

Steak and scrambled egg for lunch. I’m planning on getting inventive tomorrow and incorporating some miso soup into a meal as I’m missing my ramen meals out. I’m feeling good, not sure if I’ll manage 30 days of Steak and Eggs but we’ll see. I’m not giving up yet and I’m still enjoying it.

Day 19 of Steak and Eggs Diet | 100.8kg

Slowing down now that’s for sure. I’m actually struggling. After each meal my stomach is gurgling and making all sorts of noises that don’t sound good. Probably not the healthiest of decisions to go on this long with it. I’ve also found that my weight loss has slowed, I’m assuming my body is getting used to the lack of everything else.

I’ve also dropped the amount I’m eating down to around 600g steak a day as the 900g was just too much.

My standard meal is now 300g of steak and either 2-3 boiled eggs or a 2 egg omelette with chia seeds, garlic and some cheese.